For a fee, subscribers receive access to additional library materials, online databases and library services.

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Subscriber benefits

  • Unlimited check-out privileges
  • Unlimited access to Internet, Westlaw, and Lexis at the law library
  • Remote access to legal databases, non-legal databases and newspaper databases
  • Document services up to 100 pages per week (emailed, faxed, mailed, or held for pickup), or up to ten electronic documents (emailed)
  • Invoicing for larger document service requests
  • Training sessions

Subscription types and fees

Law library subscriptions run January through December. A prorated fee applies beginning September 1.

Hennepin County-based attorneys

  • Minnesota-licensed attorneys
  • $85 annually for each Hennepin County-based attorney in the firm (prorated to $42.50 beginning September 1)

Attorneys based outside of Hennepin County

  • Minnesota-licensed attorneys based within a 25-mile radius of the law library
  • $95 annually for each attorney in the firm (prorated to $47.50 beginning September 1)

Government officials

  • Officials of the United States, State of Minnesota, or Hennepin County, and their subordinates
  • No annual fee
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