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Minnesota statutes 

Minnesota session laws

Minnesota administrative rules 

State register 

Minnesota legislative history

Govenors' vetoes 

Minnesota legislation and bill tracking 

Journals of the Minnesota senate and house 

Minnesota constitution 

Federal legislative history 

U.S. code 

Public laws and legislative history

Federal Regulations

Presidential documents

All federal government

Minnesota supreme court and court of appeals

Opinions from 1996 to present (published and unpublished):

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Appellate briefs for published cases:

Status of appeals 

District court records 

Specialty court opinions

State courts across the country 

  • Opinions of state courts, housed at Cornell University Law School
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Advisory, ethics and administrative opinions 

Employer-labor arbitration awards 

  • Results of arbitration cases between employers and unions
  • Dates back to 2006
  • Housed at the bureau of mediation services
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Administrative law opinions

  • Opinions of administrative law judges 
  • Relate to state agencies and local units of governments
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Attorney general opinions

  • Legal opinions related to constitutional officers, state agencies, legislative bodies, local governments and pension funds 
  • Dates back to 1993
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Commissioner of administration opinions

Campaign finance and public disclosure board opinions

U.S. district court of Minnesota 

Federal appellate courts

Federal circuit courts of appeal

Eighth circuit court of appeals

U.S. supreme court full text

  • Search cases dating to 1893 by keyword, party name or U.S. reports citation
  • Housed in FindLaw
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Entire federal appellate system

  • Circuit courts of appeal and U.S. supreme court
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Executive orders

Federal Register

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